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  • Antitrust Policy
  • Review of previous meeting minutes
  • Overall Topics
  • Regular Topics
    • Open Pull Requests
    • New Issues
    • Issues relevant for v0.11.0
  • Any Other Topics


Review of previous meeting minutes

Overall topics

Open Pull Requests (open for review)

  • PR #299 New API QOD Provision
    • Name of API changed to qod-provisioning
    • Request to all to review the latest version within the Pull Request. Please add your comments (or approval) until end of next weeks

Closed issues

New Issues

Issues relevant for v0.11.0 (if not yet covered by PRs)

Review scope and time plan for Release Candidate

  • PR #320 New API Readiness Checklists for quality-on-demand and qos-profiles
    • Current open "to be dones":
      • API Definition (open Issues/PRs)
      • Design guidelines from Commonalities applied (open Issues/PRs)
      • Basic API test cases & documentation (see #245!)
      • Changelog update (will be done in release PR)
    • User stories and Enhanced API test cases are not mandatory for  0.x API versions
  • Target to have the release candidate PR ready within the next QoD call on July 26th.
  • We will go for the Meta-Release with an "Initial" API Version, which means to keep v0.11.0
    • Why we don't go for "Stable":
      • Lack of prerequisites (test cases, certification of previous version)
      • Too many changes between v0.10.0 and v0.11.0, we should have one cycle where we don't introduce breaking changes

Any other topics

  • Next QoD meeting will be on July 26th, at 14:00 CEST / 12:00 UTC
  • We don't plan to skip meetings until the release (at least for now).

Action items