Community Attendees:

Pedro Diez Garcia (Telefonica)
@K Barath (Ericsson)
@Marian Sciranka (Deutsche Telekom)
@Josef Pones (Deutsche Telekom)

Community Attendees:

@Prashant Sidana (Etisalat UAE)
@Hammad Karamat Dar (Etisalat UAE)
@Gagandeep Kharbanda (Etisalat UAE)
@Nizamuddin (Etisalat UAE)
@Ajmal Hussain (Etisalat UAE)

LF Staff:


Status: FINAL

Final Date for Comments:  


Antitrust Policy

  • Action Items Review
  • Agenda 1
  • Agenda 2


Management of WG

  • Meetings in Zoom: Pedro Diez Garcia PENDING to ping again Evan Harrison from LF in order to generate Meeting Link in Zoom.

Consolidated Work

  • N/A

Issues Review

Refund Functionality - Issue#104WG



Updates since before meeting:

  • Description enhancements and alignment with Commonalities ICM output (# Authorization and authentication section) (commit 85a008a)
  • Semantic enhancements (denied refund in ASYNC context, remainingAmount behaviour, based on Ludovic comments/suggestions) (commit 9377d6c)
  • Commonalities alignment errors (#154) and endpoint versions (commit 8c230ba)

PR is ready for final review. Kindly requested review to the team up to 3rd July. With the OK, the PR will be merged as wip.

Next steps will be to identify the actions required to prepare the release-candidate process (need to review Release Management process and required actions).
An issue will be open to cover this.

Error Model aligment with Commonalities Meta-Release Fall24



Reviewed Issue#154 and covered the output within PR#152

One Step Payment - create Payment - clarification required.

Etisalat UAE


Issue opened by Etisalat UAE about doubts for implementation of Carrier Billing v0.2. 
Talked during the meeting, written response will be provided

- Next Actions

  • Agree and Merge PR#152
  • Prepare Release Candidate Process and identify actions required


  • Next Meeting will be held on 10th July (16:00 - 17:00)